Telematics solutions have provided basic track and trace functionality successfully world over. But real multi-fold return on investment can be realized when tough to crack logistics issues are solved with the help of a rich software suite that leverages the available “geo” and allied information. Sensel has constantly endeavoured to understand the unique problems challenges in logistics of the specific business vertical and customize/leverage appropriate solutions and constantly increasing the breadth and depth of fleet-SMART.


VTX series of Sensel’s vehicle tracking systems are industry’s most compact and feature rich vehicle tracking system. Some of the advanced features are:

VTX61I: Sensel is involved in the manufacturing of many kinds of vehicle tracking systems VTX61I. It is one of the best and most compact vehicles tracking system. We offer this Vehicle tracking system at the best prices in market today.

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VT60I :This is one of the basic vehicles tracking system developed by Sensel. It can store up 48 hours of data.It is a fully reliable design and can be used worldwide. The most important feature which helps the business owners.

VTX61E: manufactured at Sensel is of made with high quality components and latest technology and also following the industry standards and norms. This is quad band EGSM which can be operated worldwide.

VTX5VTX5: is one of our premium vehicle tracking systems. It can track the positions for every 10 seconds. This Vehicle tracking systems gives the complete details about the vehicle and even the history of the vehicle usage.

GPRS vehicle tracking systems are used for tracking the vehicles. These vehicle tracking devices are placed in the vehicle. This allows tracking very movement of the vehicle at any point of time. Its location, its speed and all the history of the vehicle travelled so far. Sensel manufactures very effective and efficient vehicle tracking systems for managing the business fleet. Our vehicle tracking systems are very useful for those business owners who are seeking control business operations. The vehicle tracking systems developed by us can help you in case of theft of the vehicle and its recovery.

How will our GRPS Vehicle tracking systems help you in your business?

If you are new to the GRPS vehicle tracking systems then you will be really surprised with the results of our devices. Our devices give you the exact location and performance of your vehicles.Having this kind of detailed information about the vehicle and the driver can help you to have more control over your business operation. Setting up the device and maintenance is also very simple and easy. Our devices are always tested for readiness before they are shipped to our client’s location.

Benefits of using SENSEL manufactured tracking systems:

If you are looking for a right and reliable vehicle tracking system that can manage your business,performance of your job and to save your very valuable time then give a call to us and we can suggest you the best system for your business




This accessory is used for remotely de-activating the vehicle. The user can select a vehicle and remotely disable the vehicle or re-enable the vehicle through the application, just by the click of a button. The immobilizer is typically connected so that the de-activation will not result in the vehicle stopping abruptly, but instead will ensure the vehicle does not start again after the vehicle key is turned off.

Temperature Sensor

This accessory is typically used in frozen goods carriage vehicles. The Sensor is mounted inside the frozen section of the vehicle and the cable from the sensor is connected to the Sensel VTX unit fitted in the driver’s cabin. Every minute the temperature is recorded and updated to the backend server. The history temperature data is accessible to the user in the form of a temperature curve. Pre-programmed temperature thresholds can be set to alert the user via email/SMS if the threshold is breached.

Keypad Display Unit

This accessory is basically a small 16 key pad with a 2 line LCD. The user can type in information that can be logged on the backend server. For e.g., one of our customer Total Gaz is using it for recording the gas delivered to their customers. The user enters the gross weight and tear weight of the tanker along with a customer ID authentication. This data is automatically forwarded to their backend ERP software for invoice generation and billing.

RIFD Reader

The RFID reader which coupled with an immobilizer may be used for allowing the driver access to the vehicle. Alternatively it can be used for logging entry/exit of passengers in the vehicle. Sensel does not manufacture the RFID readers and will interface with any standard RFID reader over RS232.