Metal detector

Hand Held Metal Detector(HHMD)
Door Frame Metal Detector(DFMD)


Weight: 54 kg,Gross Weight: 70 kg,Power: 10W Stand By - 20W (alarm),Ambient temperature: -20oC to +70oC Outer Frame : 2200mm (h) x 830mm (w) x 500mm (d),Inner Frame : 2000mm (h) x 760mm (w) x 500mm (d) Multi-Zone - minimum 9 real detection zones, Auto Calibration (Automatically calibrates itself up to Environmental Conditions) Human friendly VLF technology (Certified) Green/Red bicolor traffic through LEDs, Light indicators at side panels and control panel 20 sensitivity levels, 5 Security levels set to International Security Standards (fixed NILECJ security levels), 246 adjustable sensitivity steps at each, applicable to all zones separately (Jailhouse Requirements Met), Separate Zone Sensitivity Settings,

SMART DETECTOR - Automatic Sensitivity Program selects the correct sensitivity for a specific weapon or a recognized test object (fast consistent calibration), Superior Discrimination, Precise target location identification, Graphic zone display, Metal Density Display at 10-level-VU meter with green, yellow, red LEDs Environment magnetic noise level detection display on LCD Screen Adjustable audio alarm at 10 tons/level, Alarm Counter & Five Digit Separate incoming & outgoing counters (Visible/invisible) Mechanical Lock for control panel and four-digit changeable digital Pin Code Automatic Failure Display, Standard Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) enabling 4 hours operation without mains, Reloading the factory default settings by one-touch button Easy programming and monitoring with LCD display Relay outputs for recording CCTV, controlling turnstiles, etc on Alarms, Modem and RS232 output for SCADA remote data communication- Send Receive - Change settings by direct cable or modem over Telecom Lines by PC- Audible & Visual alarms can be monitored by PC and can be logged into Hard Disk (optional Software, Certificate approved "Safe for wearers of pacemakers and pregnant women" -- No effect to magnetic media (eg. Memory sticks, tape, proximity cards), Easy-to-mount and assemble walk through metal detector (15 minutes)

AD 2300
Our model AD2300 is the first in our "Ultra Series" high sensitivity metal detectors. This fully automatic detector features high speed, high definition technology. The AD2300 is operated in two modes: Forward position (1) rocker switch "ON" all the time. Position (2) "OFF" all the time. Directly to the right of the rocker switch is an alternative "periodical" push button switch, offering the user two options of operation, depending on the environment and application. This makes our AD2300 suitable for applications that require a high sensitivity search procedure with no physical contact with the subject, or greater depth penetration into the target being

screened. AD15 This highly respected and widely used model is accepted today as the bench mark of hand held metal detectors for use in prison andcorrectionalapplicationsworldwide. The AD15 is particularly effective for locating tiny metal objects that may have been concealed, or ingested within body cavities, with pinpoint accuracy. The AD15 has the ability to be a fully adjustable detector to allow for "maximum find capability".

It also features a green two-position rocker switch or "Turbo Control", to the left of the on/off switch. In the forward position it enables the operator to fully adjust the detector's sensitivity to the desired setting. the operator can then conduct a super high sensitivity search sweep of the subject. By switching the "Turbo Control" to the back position, the AD15 can eliminate large amounts of static metal in flooring (i.e. re-bar or steel beams), walls and ceiling, while still being able to detect, a hand cuff key or a small piece or razor blade in the shoe or sock, with precision and accuracy.

SpecificationsLength : 360mm,Width : 105mm (probe), body : 55mm,,Height : 35mm,Weight : 280gms including battery

Sensitivity : High Sensitivity - Operator adjustable Turbo Control. AD2600S Adams model AD2600S is a direct development from our model AD15, in response to the varying needs of prison and correctional officers demands for a higher sensitivity, user-friendly metal detector, specifically designed for body cavity searches. This device has become known and trusted as a metal detector that really gets the job done! Now in use all over the world, the AD2600S has proved itself time and time again and is considered the only serious choice for the professional, where an extremely high level of performance is expected.

ER3000 The ER3000 has been specifically designed for the detection and location of tiny foreign metal objects that have been concealed or ingesteddeepwithintheskin tissue or body cavities. This new technology advancement has established a new level of performance of super high sensitivity metal detection, giving the user the ability to detect objects that were previously impossible to detect with a standard hand held metal detector. ER3000 has the ability to detect metal fragments that are concealed or buried deep within the skin tissue, making the Adams ER3000 a major step forward in the detection of weapons and contraband concealed within the body cavities.

Dimensions Length - 360mm, Width - 105mm (probe), Body - 55mm, Height - 35mm
Weight 290gms (AD2300), 295gms (ER3000), 300gms (AD2600S) including battery
Sensitivity Target size better than 0.03gms
Operating Temperature -20°C to +65°C
Storage Temperature -30°C to +80°C
Humidity 98%
Ingress Protection IP64(IEC 520)
Power Consumption Standby Current Nil
Active Mode Current (no detection) Less than 1 mA(0.9mA)
Active Mode Current (metal detected) 6.5 mA
Operating time 360 hours continuous at +25°C (alkaline battery) 100 hours continuous at +25°C (rechargeable battery single charge)
Battery 9 Volt block battery MN 1604, 6LR61 or equivalent alkaline disposable or rechargeable

HF-1 Detector Gloves Adams new model HF-1 detector gloves give the operator the ability to have "Hands Free" metal detection with the protection of "Kevlar". This gives the wearer the added protection from infected hypodermic needles, knife and razor blade wounds, during pat-down procedures, but still retain the ability to search and detect for concealed weapons or contraband with the aid of a powerful metal detector. When the HF-1 has detected a metal object it will give an alarm indication by means of a vibration against the operator's

Adams HF-1 detector gloves are of a very rugged and durable construction. They are light-weight and comfortable to wear, as well as being easy to use, with no adjustments necessary for use. Just switch them on and they are ready to go, its that simple!

The electronic circuitry is housed inside the glove so each hand is a self contained metal detector with no visible wires or switches etc. The detector is powered by one standard 9 volt battery or optional re-chargeable NiCad. The HF-1 gloves are available as a "Dual Active" (D/A) pair (one metal detector for each hand) or as a "Passive Active" (P/A) (one glove, of the operator's choice, either left or right hand has metal detector technology built in) while the other corresponding glove (left or right) is "Blank" (has no technologyinside)HF-1 is suitable for law enforcement, tactical operations, crowd control and military applications.

MIT Metal Detection that gives the wearer a sixth sense Adams new "MIT" is the world's very first metal detector that the operator wears instead of holds. The MIT has been specifically designed for Pat down and hand search procedures where the operator wants to be in close contact with the subject being searched. The "MIT" can be worn on either left or right hand or one "MIT" on each hand, giving the operator the power of two metal detectors in use at the same time! This gives the operator the ability for fast processing of people. When the operator has located a metal target the "MIT" gives an alarm indication by means of a vibration against the wearer's wrist/ As the vibration is to the operator's wrist and not to the hand, the person being searched doesnot feel vibration. This offers the operator to convert approach to pat-down procedures. The "MIT" also gives the operator's fingers complete dexterity to feel for concealed objects that are of a non-metallic nature, simultaneously. "MIT" is fully automatic and requires no adjustments for use. It is powered by one standard 9 volt battery or optional NiCad rechargeable battery. There are no visible wires, switches or buttons. Everything is housed in a machine washable, soft stretching neoprene(wet-suit) material. The operator just puts the "MIT" into the "on" mode and begins a pat-down search.....It's that simple!

Adams "MIT" detects all metals and alloys Technical Specifications - MIT & HF-1

Construction Neoprene - Velcro (HF-1 Kevlar and Neoprene)
Dimensions Medium or Large, standard generic size. (HF-1 Large - XL - XXL )
Weight 5.2oz or 149 gms including battery
Sensitivity Target size 0.5gms Fully automatic. No adjustment necessary. All metals, including alloys.
Operating Temperature -20°C to +65°C
Storage Temperature -30°C to +80°C
Humidity 98%
Ingress Protection IP64(IEC 529)
Operating time Upto 3 months with normal use
48 hours continuous at +25C (alkaline battery)
40 hours continuous at +25C (rechargeable battery single charge)
Battery Standard 9 Volt block battery MN 1604, 6LR61 or equivalent alkaline disposable or rechargeable